• 2019.1.27 Terry Riley "In C" performance, organized by Christopher Fryman and Mariya Takechiyo, UrBANGUILD







    State of Intent (as a memorandum)

    In order to acquire a tool to extend our body, we break the object in minute details and set them as parameters. If the parameters could construct systematic correspondence, the tool becomes a part of your body and blood.

    Broken parameters are not stable as the ripples change its surface by the wind and it’s current. The consciousness waves as in and out interfere with each other.

    My work is to seek the fluctuation of consciousness and its appearance.




    'Fluctuation' painting series explore the abstract form of oil and acrylic colors in a fluctuant state.
    The image is inspired from the surface of the water which frequently changes by the surrounding environment and reflecting them in it self.

    "Word of Mouth"


    "Word of Mouth"

    'Word of Mouth' explores the boundary of phonetics. Each Japanese and English pronunciation are divided into phonetic symbols and repeated from audio players in random order.
    Audiences are allowed to write down the relevant words they heard on a notebook.

  • CV

    • Michio Tsukui
    • 津久井道夫

    • Painter / Bassist
    • 1987-Born in Shiga / Live in Hyogo, Japan

    • Exhibition
    • 2013Krafts vol.3, Cafe Travelershigh, Kyoto
    • 2013Hall Exhibition in Hikone City Cultural Plaza, Hikone
    • 2013Fitting Room vol.2, Gallery Ort Project, Kyoto
    • 2012Fitting Room, Gallery Ort Project, Kyoto
    • 2010Seian University of Art and Design Degree Show, Kyoto
    • 2009KOZOKU NO SATO Art Project 4, Otsu
    • 2008SEIRYU, Muromachi Art Court, Ikenobou University, Kyoto

    • Music
    • 2019 Terry Riley "In C" performance, organized by Christopher Fryman and Mariya Takechiyo, UrBANGUILD
    • 2018 Terry Riley "In C" performance, produced by Christopher Fryman, CASO
    • 2015 「お家に帰りたい」, てんこもり堂, KAIKA
    • 2014 「これからの宇」, ソノノチ, ナンジャーレ
    • 2014 「つゆのまぼろし」, てんこもり堂, 人間座スタジオ
    • 2014 8人の「さよならの絲」, ソノノチ, KAIKA
    • 2013 3人の「さよならの絲」, ソノノチ, KAIKA
    • 2012 「Tea for Two」, 劇団ソノノチ(トランポリンショップとの共同企画), 壱坪シアタースワン
    • 2012 「監視カメラが忘れたアリア」, 鴻上作品を上演する企画, 人間座スタジオ
    • 2012 「ものがたりの書き物」, 劇団ソノノチ, アトリエ劇研
    • 2008 「物書きの書き物」, スナックあけみ, アトリエ劇研